Generation Film’s Top 15 Most Anticipated Films of 2012

15. Gravity– though it stars George Clooney in a space suit which might invoke horrors of the remake of Solaris it is safe to put some trust in director Alfonso Cuaron with another science-fiction endeavor after the success of Children of Men. 14. Argo– the third directing project from Ben Affleck is worth anticipating since … Continue reading

Generation Film’s Top 20 Films of 2011

20. A Dangerous Method– if David Cronenberg’s name wasn’t at the beginning of the credits introducing the film you would have no clue that this reserved character depiction was part of his violent filmography, which showcases good performances and a thought provoking dichotomy between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. 19. War Horse-though not at the … Continue reading

Top 50 Male Centric Films of All Time?

So an online site entitled has put up a list of the top 50 movies every man should see in their lifetime. Going through the list there is only one film beyond the last 30 years that makes the list, meaning the list states that 98% of the best male oriented films were made … Continue reading

Generation Film’s Top 11 Films to Look Forward to in 2011

11. Tree of Life- the non-sensical thought provoking films of Terrrence Malick are certainly ambiguous in their attempts to be highly conceptual but it doesn’t make them any less impressive in the visual delivery and diverse acting. With a cast already in place with the likes of Brad Pitt and Sean Penn within a story … Continue reading

Generation Film’s Top 20 Films of 2010

20. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 19. The Kids Are Alright 18. Exit Through the Gift Shop 17. Greenberg 16. Another Year 15. Animal Kingdom 14. The Secret in Their Eyes 13. Biutiful 12. The Town 11. Carlos 10. The Red Riding Trilogy 9. Mother 8. Black Swan 7. True Grit 6. The Social Network … Continue reading

Generation Film’s Top 20 Films of the 70s

20. Dog Day Afternoon- Veteran director Sidney Lumet and Al Pacino teamed up for their second time to portray the factual events of a heist gone wrong in the captivating drama known as Dog Day Afternoon. Most 70s films began with mysterious intentions and Dog Day Afternoon is no different allowing the intentions of the … Continue reading

Generation Film’s Top 20 Films of the 80s

20. The Last Temptation of Christ- Martin Scorsese is an immensely spiritual man who thought about joining the priesthood at one point in his life so it would come as no surprise that he would use this personal drive to adapt Nikos Kazantzakis’ The Last Temptation of Christ with the help of heavily catholic screenwriter … Continue reading

Generation Film’s Top 20 Films of the 90s

20. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas- Adapting Hunter S. Thompson’s extremely subjective novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was not an easy task but Terry Gilliam finished an extremely successful decade, including acclaims for The Fisher King and 12 Monkeys, by grasping this difficult narrative source with precise interpretation and a psychedelic visual … Continue reading

Generation Film’s Oscar Picks

These are not meant to be what I feel should win, but rather an assessment from previous awards given to films and what the Academy might award this season. So here are my picks for all of the 24 categories. If you want to challenge any of the picks feel free to do so. Best … Continue reading

Generation Film’s Top 20 Films of the Decade (2000-2009)

20. In the Mood for Love- Wong Kar Wai has established himself as a fine example of a romantic filmmaker, expressing visually and verbally the longing for something that is almost there in such great works as Chung King Express and 2046. His best work in the last decade has been the potently beautiful In … Continue reading