Generation Film’s Top 25 Films of the 80s Redux

25. Broadcast News (1987) – While director/writer James L. Brooks’ comedic workplace drama Broadcast News is situated in a particular time it’s by far the most acute of his distinct, humanist character studies elevating it above aged placement. All of Brooks’ movies are constructed around Euclidean geometry emphasizing the natural triangle of romantic conflict that … Continue reading

Film Recommendation of the Day 2/15: The Hit (1984)

Phenomenal British actor Michael Caine has been documented in a famous conversation with fellow actor Bob Hoskins for telling him, “There are three good British gangster films. I was in one [Get Carter-1971], you were in one [The Long Good Friday-1980], and we were both in the other [Mona Lisa- 1986].” Many of these early … Continue reading

Film Reflection: Down By Law (1986)- Jarmusch’s Surreal Contemplative Film Focusing on Character Personalities and Visual Ambiance

It’s pretty safe to say that by his third film Jim Jarmusch certainly developed a style, which seemed to follow realistic and imperfect characters through familiar environments that end up being filmed in a dreamlike state. Unlike his first two films Permanent Vacation and Stranger Than Paradise, which were set in Manhattan, Jarmusch focuses his … Continue reading

Film Reflection: The Long Good Friday (1980)- A Gangster Melodrama That Immerses Us Into a Crime Ridden Hell

John Mackenzie’s British gangster melodrama entitled The Long Good Friday does indeed gesture to some religious undertones but focuses less on salvation and more on an immersion into hell. Our guide is an unbalanced protagonist named Harold Shand, played by Bob Hoskins in his virtuoso breakthrough performance, as he attempts to keep his world from … Continue reading