Film Recommendation of the Day 2/14: The Third Man (1949)

There are only a select few films over the last century that are truly recognizable as iconic masterpieces, where the dialogue or imagery have been repeated and alluded to so often that the film becomes lodged in the cultural subconscious of most people. Carol Reed’s matchless film The Third Man is certainly one of those … Continue reading

Film Reflection: The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)- William Wyler’s Brilliant Post-War Reflection That Utilized Magnificent Acting Complimented by Gripping Visuals and a Beautiful Score

Movies that age like fine wines in Hollywood are actually a dime a dozen, but the first great generation of cinema that was ignited in the 40s certainly offered a great deal of films that are still relevant today. There were a great deal of tales that showcased the struggle of love (Casablanca), the obsession … Continue reading