Film Recommendation of the Day 2/15: The Hit (1984)

Phenomenal British actor Michael Caine has been documented in a famous conversation with fellow actor Bob Hoskins for telling him, “There are three good British gangster films. I was in one [Get Carter-1971], you were in one [The Long Good Friday-1980], and we were both in the other [Mona Lisa- 1986].” Many of these early … Continue reading

Film Recommendation of the Day 2/14: The Third Man (1949)

There are only a select few films over the last century that are truly recognizable as iconic masterpieces, where the dialogue or imagery have been repeated and alluded to so often that the film becomes lodged in the cultural subconscious of most people. Carol Reed’s matchless film The Third Man is certainly one of those … Continue reading

Film Recommendation of the Day 2/09: The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973)

Film archivist, programmer, and critic Kent Jones wrote about the indelible 70s film The Friends of Eddie Coyle stating, “Young film fans raised in the multiplex era might look back and lament the fact that no one is making movies like The Friends of Eddie Coyle anymore. The truth is that they never did. There’s … Continue reading

Film Recommendation of the Day 2/08: Sherlock Jr. (1924)

Even in the decades of cinema’s birth there were already some filmmakers who wished to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the art that was filmmaking, such as the Russian minimalist Dziga Vertov with his documentary film Man with a Movie Camera (1929). But the most revered and delightful of the early love note dedications … Continue reading

Film Recommendation of the Day 2/07: Ace in the Hole (1951)

It will come as no surprise that director Billy Wilder will be remembered as one of the finest storytellers Hollywood ever had the pleasure of obtaining. He was such a diverse and pragmatic master of storytelling that he could move from overtly silly comedies to serious contemplative dramas so seamlessly that it was difficult to … Continue reading

Film Recommendation of the Day 2/06: Peeping Tom (1960)

Michael Powell’s cult thriller Peeping Tom, a film that pushed the boundaries between film subject and audience, was vastly ridiculed and critically lambasted upon its initial release. Powell himself recalled one of his favorite critical slanders that stated, “The only really satisfactory way to dispose of Peeping Tom would be to shovel it up and … Continue reading

Film Recommendation of the Day 2/05: Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)

Unlike most biography pictures that get caught up in the most infinitesimal of details, legendary making director John Ford’s Young Mr. Lincoln follows a trend of relying on anecdote, mythical reality, and the visionary reconstruction of a myth. There really is nothing of absolute fact in John Ford’s chosen details of the inexperienced lawyer, which … Continue reading

Film Recommendation of the Day 2/04: John Woo’s Hard Boiled (1992)

The films of Chinese director John Woo have been vastly celebrated for their ingrained passion, which drive the majority of visual choices and well choreographed violence that are at the center of each film. Throughout his fim career in Hong Kong John Woo made highly praised action thrillers with such acclaimed titles as The Killer, … Continue reading