Generation Film’s Top 20 Films of 2013

FRUITVALE20. Fruitvale Station

GreatBeauty-2013-219. The Great Beauty

Upstream-Color-man-with-pigs-feature-image18. Upstream Color

le_passe17. The Past

mov_the-kings-of-summer_13040916. Kings of Summer

AMERICAN-HUSTLE-915. American Hustle

frances-ha0514. Frances Ha

Tom Hanks

13. Captain Phillips

the-hunt-1012. The Hunt

storieswetell11. Stories We Tell

gravity-movie-review-sandra-bullock-shiop10. Gravity

mud-film-1024x6829. Mud

act of killing 38. The Act of Killing

Bruce Dern as Woody in a film still from Nebraska7. Nebraska

her36. Her

Blue-Is-The-Warmest-Color-25. Blue is the Warmest Color

shortterm12_marquee24. Short Term 12

inside-llewyn-davis-oscar-isaac3. Inside Llewyn Davis

12-Years-A-Slave2. 12 Years a Slave

before-midnight-31. Before Midnight

Honorable Mentions: All is Lost, Sightseers, A Place Beyond the Pines, The World’s End, The Wolf of Wall Street, Rush, Philomena, In A World…, Wadjda

One Response to “Generation Film’s Top 20 Films of 2013”
  1. Ignacio Flores says:

    BEFORE MIDNIGHT is not the best picutre in 2013. It just can be!!! The WOLF OF WALL STREET must be in the top five and isn’t ranked!!!!!!. And THE GREAT BEAUTY is better than American Hustle, Captain Philipps and Mud. Americans should watch more european and international films!!!

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