Movie Review: Movie 43- An Abomination of a “Comedy” that Should be Immediately Burned from Existence

Movie 43Sometimes there are experiences that you just wish could have been prevented or occurrences you’ve seen that you wish could be unseen. Usually these are events that are so horrific in nature that they negatively impact your outlook on life, the world, and people. Now listed among those catastrophic incidents is an amateurish, adolescent, dimwitted, and laborious film entitled Movie 43 that can’t be given the genre label of comedy because that would be an insult even to people who don’t possess a sense of humor. This incredibly sorry excuse for a “comedy” represents everything wrong with the current state of affairs in Hollywood where money buys out artistic self-respect from cast members, the power of name outranks genuine creativity, and humor is interpreted as obnoxiousness rather than cleverness. Movie 43 is a lazily written and choppily directed movie that contains a number of “comedy” shorts that try to make a disgusting or ridiculous spin on conventional manners, including dating, homeschooling, and sports. What results is unfunny sketch after unfunny sketch that wouldn’t have even passed minimal acceptance among the dregs on the website Funny or Die. It’s really a tragedy that so much money, time, and talent was wasted to make Movie 43, which is about as funny as starving children and even then those insensitive jokes could be funnier. This is a “comedy” that takes typical generalizations, expected twists on sensitivities, and relies solely on bathroom humor to successfully beat multiple dead horses from our comedic cultural repertoire. Come to think of it, if the film was an hour long shot of a man beating a dead horse it probably would have inspired more laughs. It can’t be said enough that Movie 43 is a horrific abomination that possibly could justify the burning of particular creativity if it meant this would never be seen again.


Movie 43 has layers upon layers of mediocrity contained in its numerous shorts that are presented as pitches by a crazed, out of work screenwriter (Dennis Quaid) to a studio exec (Greg Kinnear). Each segment was written by a varying group of no name writers and judging by the quality that they delivered they should all probably remain nameless. Whether it’s a short dealing with a man who has testicles on his neck (Hugh Jackman, for shame) or a basketball coach giving a racial inspirational speech (Terrence Howard, expected) all of the humor is solely based on already worn out taboos or incredibly desperate gross out humor. The absolute void of cleverness comes from minds of people who haven’t grown up either in an imaginative or intellectual capacity so we must suffer through their uninventive immaturity that would have been better suited for a YouTube video that no one had to see. What’s getting tiresome in the movie world of comedy is that every “comedy” seems to have the same exact lazy joke dependence on gross humor that it becomes repetitive and incredibly uninteresting. It’s not only amazing that this garbage took nine writers to vomit onto the written page but that there were notable names in the directing seat, such as Bob Odenkirk (“Mr. Show”). However, there are expected names to see in the involvement of this nonsense, including Peter Farrelly (The Three Stooges) and Brett Ratner (Tower Heist). Overall the lack of creativity and the laziness gets so abysmally trying that you try to find some solace in the fact in the performances of the cast but even that is equally void.

What’s truly sad is the amount of talent that is wasted in every single one of these poorly conceived and terribly written shorts. Academy Award nominees, respected comedians, sitcom geniuses, and even mediocre familiar faces are all risking their credibility as paid talents after this atrocious “comedy.” Seeing the always charming Chris Pratt bring himself down even with one of the more bearable segments is enough to make you question existence. It should be requested that Kate Winslet and Halle Berry return their Oscars as to not bring anymore shame to the already wounded establishment and is probably worse than anything Academy Award winner Nicholas Cage has ever done. Stephen Merchant is probably lucky no one outside the United States really recognizes him but it’s surprising that someone who has written such brilliant comedies (original The Office, Extras) could even agree to something more shameful than The Tooth Fairy. It’s exhausting trying to recall all of the damaged personas that Movie 43 has created because it’s like walking in on your parents having sex in how you want to purge it from memory. Of course lazy writing and uninspiring direction will lead to a waste of talent, especially on this level of awfulness, so while it will take a while to forgive everyone it’s still going to be a challenge. Self-respect and artistic credibility is always for sale but it’s never too obvious until something this lacking in any genuine artistic defense comes crawling out of the gutter.


There are many films that come out every year that are terribly written, poorly directed, or mediocrely acted but even those have more purpose than Movie 43. Those films at least don’t inspire a knee jerk reaction of pure hatred to their unnecessary existence, unless it’s something produced by Adam Sandler and Happy Madison Productions (think Bucky Larson). No debate will be had over whether Movie 43 is funny or not because it’s going to be a universally accepted fact. People who use their brains to admire the art of comedy would never think to enter the theater and brainless people will find it insulting that their usual brand of humor is being delivered so lazily. It would be recommended to get the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind treatment after seeing this film but that means you could possibly end up seeing it again. Do Hollywood and everyone in the world a favor by not seeing this “comedy” that resembles more of a holocaust film than an actual comedy and dry up their excuses to keep making this drivel. On the plus side, it’s quite possible that every single comedy after this one just might seem funnier.

Grade: F (this is history, my first F in all the 3 1/2 years of reviewing movies)

One Response to “Movie Review: Movie 43- An Abomination of a “Comedy” that Should be Immediately Burned from Existence”
  1. real to reel says:

    I pray your wishes are granted. This pile of manure is an insult to every movie goer in the history of Cinema.

    Were the actors blackmailed or extorted into appearing? Were their family members threatened? Someone should be in prison for this carcinogenic garbage.

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