Movie Review: Project X- A Vain and Plotless Celebration of Debauchery That is Morally and Cinematically Unredeemable

Some might walk away from the latest party film Project X claiming it’s the film of this generation or the film that represents where our youth stand in current cultural representation. While that description might be accurate it certainly isn’t a compliment considering how distasteful, uninspired, and moronic this film ends up becoming. Watching the constant predictable vulgarity or the drooling animalistic boys mentally masturbate over objectified women leaves a whole lot to be desired for plausible character, plot, or substance at the end of the adolescent experience. It’s one thing to watch grown men revert back to their primal youth such as in The Hangover, which shows us men behaving stupidly and suffering the consequences, but when a film tries to glorify this behavior in youth and then they have no regard for what their actions caused it’s not only unfunny but it is also a self-indulgent ignorance. Let’s not let the moral arguments get in the way of critiquing the actual qualities of a film though. Project X doesn’t work as a comedy because the dialogue is trite, the characters are unlikeable or even if you do happen to like them they are as diverse or as sympathetic as a row of logs, and the plot is about as creative as your average house party. For a film to portray a party so “epic” it clearly didn’t bother to compliment it with a unique presentation.

Speaking of presentation there is nothing more tiring now than the faux-documentary style. It is an overused style that only works if you have a somewhat unique concept complimenting it sort of like Chronicle earlier this year despite its drastic and obvious melodramatic flaws. The whole film feels as though it’s going through the typical motions of that pseudo-documentary feel just like all the characters and their actions are simply going through the expected motions of a party film. Project X is so tastelessly boring that it does embody a great deal of our current youth who are taught that high school is the only thing that matters. This horrid false reality shouldn’t be reinforced to them with debauchery and classlessness that the film celebrates wrongly instead of celebrating the innocence and faultiness of youth, such as the John Hughes years. If Project X is an embodiment of this generation then this generation is callously vain, dreary, dissolute, and suffer from the worst parts of Peter Pan syndrome. All this and they still didn’t have any characters worth your time or a plot that had any coherence or substance. No matter how good a party atmosphere might be there is no point of caring if everyone around you is a cardboard zombie.

While Project X tries to be the hip, politically incorrect film of the year (been awhile since you’ve heard the words midget and fag? They’ve got plenty of that) it really is just a disgusting display of sloppy camera work, humorless dialogue, a lazy plotline, and contains as much substance as a Girls Gone Wild video. Project X might be the filmmakers actual adolescent wet dreams come to life considering all the women in the film are stereotypically pretty with no brains or self-respect to get in the way. That’s probably what the distributors are hoping for with their audience that they will have no brains or self-respect that will get in the way of them seeing this piece of garbage. It’s a shame that Todd Phillips would attach his name to such a film especially after his failed comedic attempt with The Hangover Part II. There is nothing morally or cinematically redeemable about this film whatsoever to the point where if it happened to be the night before Gus Van Sant’s Elephant took place you just really wouldn’t have cared. God help you if you spend money on this film because it’s already too late for this reviewer.

Grade: D

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