Movie Review: Nebraska- The Latest Whimsical Tale from Alexander Payne is a Subtle and Poetic Reflection on the Loss of Time and the Affirmation of Hope

Time is a peculiar yet universally felt concept whose effects can be seen in its numerous consequences either through the obvious traits of aging or the far more subtle and subjectively felt intangibles such as regret. In the heart of the Midwest there are depressingly poetic examples of this thoroughly felt concept of time how … Continue reading

Movie Review: Out of the Furnace- Scott Cooper’s Ambitious Second Feature Results in a Relentlessly Bleak and Unintentionally Flat Portrait of Modern America

Film’s that seek to contemplate ideas on unsettling injustice or venture the blackest hidden fissures of society take on the risky but potentially rewarding task of making the purely bleak into something poetically involving. This seems to be the driving force behind the intention of director Scott Cooper’s sophomore directorial effort who is just coming … Continue reading

Movie Review: August: Osage County- John Wells’ Sophomoric Direction Makes for a Durable and Fairly Poetic Adaptation of Tracy Letts’ Play

The concepts of legacy and family tend to go hand in hand but that assumed positive link usually fails to recognize the potentially negative outcomes that can be handed down from generation to generation where dysfunction, bitterness, and judgment prevails over harmony, love, and understanding. This negative focus on the pure dysfunction that festers and … Continue reading

Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World- A Relatively Entertaining yet Uneven Standard from Marvel Despite a Horridly Sluggish and Uninvolving First Half

In their decision to create the broadest appealing superhero movies in existence, Marvel has embraced the admirable business savvy safety of churning out the expected products their fan base willingly accepts while also backing themselves into a creative corner where formulaic familiarity makes everything quite predictable. Predictability not only numbs an audience into experiencing nothing … Continue reading

Movie Review: Gravity- Cuaron’s Purely Physical Immersion into the Nightmarish Beauty that is the Emptyness of Space is a Grand Cinematic Achievement

If cinema’s ultimate goal is to be an all-encompassing visual exploration into a world that is completely unknown yet anchored down in an equally familiar presentation of emotional and physical connectivity then Alfonso Cuaron’s latest science-fiction survivalist adventure Gravity is nothing short of sheer cinematic perfection. Known for his moody approach to storytelling made familiar … Continue reading

Movie Review: Rush- Peter Morgan’s Perceptive Script on the Positives and Negatives of Competition Makes for an Intimate and Exhilarating Formula 1 Drama

Heated rivalries, especially one between two equally ambitious and dangerous personalities, can often times have divergent outcomes depending on whether the competition has a healthy perspective, meaning one where it’s rooted in self-confidence to become better at one’s skill, or an unhealthy perspective, meaning one rooted in self-destruction where there are no pre-existing limits. This … Continue reading

Movie Review: The World’s End- The Final Chapter of the Three Colors Cornetto Trilogy Remains Consistent Giving Us Genre Bending Laughs and Inventive Stylish Thrills

With the arrival of The World’s End, the appropriately named last film in the acclaimed Three Colors Cornetto Trilogy written by modern parody masters actor Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright, there is a bittersweet lingering feeling that seems to embody the tone of the film itself which can be described as humorously thoughtful. Not … Continue reading

Movie Review: Elysium- Neill Blomkamp’s Sophomore Science-Fiction Actioner Possesses Thrills and a Unique Design but Lacks Character, Intrigue, and Convincing Socio-Political Commentary

Expectations in cinema, once you’ve made a lasting impression, are hard to suppress or let alone match, especially for the likes of writer/director Neill Blomkamp who delivered in his cinematic debut a finely constructed, socio-politically conscious, and explosively kinetic science-fiction actioner entitled District 9 that not only surprised audiences worldwide it also garnished critical acclaim … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Spectacular Now- A Sincere and Restrained Portrait of Early Adulthood that Thoughtfully Captures the Reality and Struggles of the Modern Teenage Existence

Capturing the authentic blemished portrait of the teenage existence, the lost period between youthful ignorance and the cusp of adulthood experience, has been an elusive topic for film since it’s difficult to delve into the honesty and uncomfortable truths of those developing years. Sometimes film attempts to placate this issue by drifting towards the two … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Act of Killing- An Unprecedented Artistic Exploration into the Depths of Legalized Cruelty, Perpetual Lawlessness, and a Moral Apocalypse

Ever so often there comes a film that embraces the full potential of the art form as an exploratory medium that it has an undeniable importance to its existence because it takes extremely brave and risky creative decisions meant to expose the darkest stains on the human psyche and that film in 2013 is Joshua … Continue reading


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