• Film is not the art of scholars, but of illiterates.- Werner Herzog

Movie Review: Fury (2014)- An Unrelenting Barrage of War Brutality That Misses the Mark Due to Self-Important Ethics and a Collision of Thematic Intent

“Ideals are peaceful, history is violent,” states the disillusioned yet stubbornly principled Sergeant Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Brad Pitt) somewhere in the drawn out middle of writer/director David Ayer’s new film Fury, a sentiment that carries with it a promise that what follows in this casually brutal and slightly trite World War II epic is violence … Continue reading

Movie Review: Birdman, Or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance (2014)- Alejandro Gonzalaz Iñárritu Creates an Impeccably Crafted and Humorously Insightful Criticism of Existentialist Malaise

There are few myths as empty in reality as the promise of continuous fame and importance that Hollywood seems to perpetuate to the masses on a grand scale for Hollywood as an entity is on par with an unforgiving deity that can giveth as easily as it can taketh away. In the grand scheme of … Continue reading

Movie Review: Whiplash (2014)- A Stylish and Gripping Dark Metaphor for the Extremes of Artistic Ambition

A quote often attributed to Voltaire in loose translation is “the perfect is the enemy of the good,” which in its easily understood intention means that sometimes seeking out perfection can blind our own sensible selves to recognizing the feats of accomplishment that have already been made instead of on the shimmering myth of flawlessness. … Continue reading

Movie Review: Kill the Messenger (2014)- A Slightly Flawed but Undeniably Important Political Thriller That Seeks Out the Important Notion of Truth

Unfair or not political thrillers will always have the daunting task of being compared to the flood of quality perceptive conspiracy dramas from the 1960s and 1970s that embodied a generation’s rebellious skepticism and insightful paranoia to an artistic and significant degree. Though some films got lost in their own self-importance and idealistic philosophies, most … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Judge (2014)- A Hackneyed Narrative Bloated with Distraction and Forced Sentimentality is Slightly Lifted from its Credible Cast

Even the most biblically ignorant of sorts would immediately recognize the parable of the Prodigal Son because even though it maintains a relatable core message of redemption for a lost soul it’s become a rather hackneyed narrative for family centered dramas for years in the Hollywood crowd-pleasing machine. What makes the idea of familial rejuvenation … Continue reading

Movie Review: Gone Girl (2014) – David Fincher’s Cinematic Craftwork and Gillian Flynn’s Loyal Script Ignite a Diabolically Fun Yet Immensely Cynical Thriller

As it is with all David Fincher directed features there is always a mixture of vague and seductive mystery layers to be uncovered usually from the point of view of some deeply complex protagonist, whether it’s the obsessions of a newspaper cartoonist in a methodical killer manhunt in Zodiac, a smug investment banker undergoing a … Continue reading

Movie Review: Men, Women & Children (2014)- Jason Reitman’s Latest Film is a Misguided and Overly Dramatic Reflection on the Ills of Modern Day Technology

More often than not the intelligentsia class of the human race likes to espouse their moral superiority by honing in on the negatives of common societal tools blaming the tools themselves rather than the people who are using them. These people are what C.S. Lewis called moral busybodies who want to show us a better … Continue reading

Movie Review: A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014)- While Scott Frank’s Throwback Noir Might be Predictable It’s a Welcome Change in Style for Hollywood Mysteries

Familiar Private Detective names from the 30s and 40s such as Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe seem as though they are becoming more and more distant relics of the past, or rather a disappearing movie avenue where amoral men were hired to seek out the truth no matter how dark the trail led. While names … Continue reading

Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)- An Adventurous Interstellar Western Filled with Dynamic Antiheroes, Genuine Wit, and Gorgeous Fantastical Landscapes

Marvel’s well-oiled production machine has begun to feel a little stale as of late as some of the story structures have fallen into feeling a little too predictable and the characters seemed a little too complacent in their roles as charming figures rather than complexly layered characters. Minus the action spectacle that was the accumulated … Continue reading

Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)- A Matured Continuation of the Fantasy Franchise that Showcases State of the Art Animation and Genuine Character Heart

A majority of family centered films these days rarely explore the aspect of real consequence or fragile loss as they have done in the past with the likes of Disney’s The Lion King or most Miyazaki pictures mostly because the social environment now created by parents, teachers, and administrators demands everything to be pandered to … Continue reading


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